“Let’s not monkey around here . . . no two-way with a 10″ woofer and a dome tweeter is going to come anywhere close to energizing and filling a room the way the Rival does.”


Big horn speaker performance
in a smaller footprint

Volti Audio, makers of the highly acclaimed Volti Vittora horn loaded loudspeaker system, is proud to offer the Volti Rival, a 3-way, horn-loaded loudspeaker that offers high sensitivity, wide bandwidth and superb cabinetry in a compact and affordable format.

Borrowing heavily from its larger and more expensive brother, the Rival uses many of the same internal components found in the Vittora.  The characteristic “Volti Sound” remains intact, but in a loudspeaker that is one third the size and one third the cost of the Vittora system.

Outstanding dynamic response

Following in the tradition of all Volti Audio loudspeakers, the Rival is both highly sensitive and wide bandwidth – with a frequency response of 32Hz – 20Khz and a sensitivity of 100db/W enabling glorious, full range, tactile sound produced from as little as a handful of amplifier Watts.

Your private expansive soundstage

When listening to the Rival, you will experience pinpoint imaging in an expansive soundstage with dynamics and micro-dynamics that will make you believe the performers are right in your room.

The Rival conveys the characteristics that make live music compelling and engaging: the tone and timbre of instruments and voices, the drive and force of the tempos, the dynamic swings from soft to loud, and the intensity and excitement of a real live musical performance.

The Rival is room-friendly – place them wherever you want

They can be positioned against a wall, in a corner, or pulled out into the room. Powerful and highly directional, the Rival is capable of filling a very large room, but will also work in an intimate, near-field setting. It is front ported, to allow the greatest flexibility in placement, since the port does not rely on, nor is affected by walls behind or beside the speaker.

Adjustments to the crossovers allow the user to tailor the sound of the speaker to their system, room, or liking. Easy rear-panel access allows you to insert various high-quality resistors in an L-Pad configuration to attenuate the midrange and the tweeter.


  • 15” high-power and high-sensitivity woofer – bass reflex configuration, ported

  • Wooden midrange horn with a known Tractrix flare, 2” throat, designed and built by Volti Audio

  • High quality 2” outlet midrange compression driver with a 3-1/2” phenolic diaphragm

  • Elliptical tweeter horn with a known Tractrix flare

  • High quality 1” compression tweeter driver

  • Custom made crossovers, high quality components, hand-wired , adjustable, final voicing done while comparing directly to a Vittora speaker

  • Bi-wire or Bi-amp at the input terminals

  • Sensitivity: 100db

  • Recommended amplifier power: 3wpc (min.), 100wpc continuous (max.)

  • Bandwidth: 32Hz – 20kHz

  • Impedance: 6ohm

  • Dimensions: 41-1/2” tall, 19” wide and 16” deep

  • Weight: 125lbs/each

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