The M6 L series Preamplifier brings a new level of transparency to the audio world. The M6 is a minimalist design handbuilt with the finest parts and materials to provide decades of stable performance, musical pleasure, and pride of ownership.An important feature of the M6 is the USB DAC input for direct connection to a Mac. This allows the listener to use Daniel Hertz Master Class software to correct for limitations in recordings and the PCM digital audio format, for enormous listening freedom to recordings of all eras and genres.

TheM6 Preamplifier includes 1 MΩ input stage technology that reduces current draw on source componentss to virtually zero. With virtually no current draw on the output circuitry of the source device, sonic performance is dramatically increased.  With almost no current passing through device leads, solder joints,  PCB paths, and all connections, the sound quality is further enhanced, and is extremely open, detailed, and spacious. For details, see the M6 owner's manual.

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