The Loricraft PRC4 Deluxe, like the best-selling PRC3 model, is a heavy-duty record cleaning machine used by record libraries, used record shops, and serious record collectors all over the world.

Like the PRC4, the PRC4 Deluxe has a somewhat heavier-duty and quieter vacuum motor than the PRC3 (the PRC3’s motor is already very effective and quiet) and features a cabinet that is encased in real wood veneer (choice of veneer depends on availabilty). In addition, the Deluxe has a rest for the vacuum arm and a hinged clear acrylic dustcover.

The PRC4 Deluxe can be run 24 hours a day without overheating, yet is so quiet you’ll be able to listen records on your hi-fi system while using it. Vacuum suction is concentrated in a tiny nylon nozzle tip that rides on a nylon thread, thus focussing the suction action and protecting the record surface at the same time. The nylon thread (nylon for its anti-static properties) is manually drawn out a few millimetres before each cleaning, so that the record is only ever touched by a small, clean, soft surface. Less than a minute is all it takes to clean each LP side thoroughly, leaving the grooves completely dry.

All switches are jacketed with rubber covers to protect against spillage. The platter can be rotated in either direction. Any record cleaning solution can be used (one bottle of L’Art du Son cleaning fluid, to be diluted with distilled water, is included).

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