Lampizator Pacific DAC

 The DAC which made Lampizator famous can be seen as a combination of four factors: 

  • Selection of chipset mix (DAC and RECEIVER) that sounds best

  • Creation of immaculate tube analog stage that is an interface between the chip and the amplifier

  • Creation of power supply which makes a huge difference - for both the analog stage as well as for the chips

  • Selection of high-end parts like NOS tubes, silver wiring, copper foil PIO capacitors, iron core chokes and transformers made to our specs from Polish Copper.


Our vision is to maintain manufacturing in Poland, now part of European Union. We design everything we sell in our lab. Every circuit is first imagined, then drawn, prototyped and created in out lab. We cooperate with over 30 small and medium firms in Warsaw area, Poland.

Even if that means sometimes we have to compromise on the looks, on the physical appearance of our products, we still choose to work with friendly local vendors. We do not intend to grow the size of our firm to make it too big to be fun. We don’t want to outsource anything to foreign countries. We want to keep full control on the product and the way it sounds from A to Z. 

We want to create hi-fi products that stay in your home. Yes, It is that simple. When you try them - you KNOW you want them and then they will stand the test of time. These are not gadgets which get sold after 6 months to make room for another gadget. Our products aspire to be SO MUSICALLY INVOLVING that you simply can’t find anything better. 

How is that possible?

We have certain criteria and certain musical taste. Before our DAC of today was created, we had to take hundreds of decisions over many years. Do we use this transformer or that? Do we use the tube at 5 mA or at 12 mA? Do we use chokes or resistors for smoothing?

Do we regulate the digital supply? etc etc. Every decision could have been different but we took decisions to get as close to our ideal sound.

Big companies just can’t do this process. They use school book design, ready blocks. This is good to make a refrigerator or a car, but not for high end stereo.

The result is a very subjective accumulation of hundreds of decisions that make a distinct product. We like that product. If you like it too - you will agree that our decisions were right. If you don’t like it - it is a plain and simple case of different taste. We don’t believe in one product for everybody so we choose to target the like minded audiophiles. This is our strategy.

We want to provide the true music lovers with fabulously musical stereo equipment, that goes beyond what they imagined possible.

Please contact us for more information & prices on our high-end audio products.