The Harbeth company was founded forty years ago to commercialise the BBC's loudspeaker R&D. A great start, but only the first step of our journey towards perfect sound. Today's Harbeths are much more transparent, more vivid, more dynamic, more open and more real because the enabling technology - such as our exclusive RADIAL™ cone technology - has made that possible. We've incorporated every genuine advance advancement into the latest Harbeth speakers which are, as you'll hear for yourself, in a class of their own for natural sound.

Gravitating towards owning Harbeth speakers is often, we're told, a personal journey made after other ultimately unsatisfactory choices. We understand, but there is a shortcut. When the desire to put music first, escaping to the furthest corners of the musical globe from the safety and comfort of your home becomes essential to your well being, please allow our dealers to demonstrate just how special the Harbeth experience is. 

The Harbeth family ranges from the shoe-box sized P3ESR right up to the mighty flagship Monitor 40.2. All are available in beautiful veneers, and all breath with the world famous, open, natural, Harbeth sound. Welcome to natural sound at home.

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