Surpassing the finest
The ultimate task of a high end audio component is to breathe life into reproduced music and convey to the listener that the soul of the performer lives in each musical event. CEC opened a new chapter in music reproduction in the spring of 1992 with the world's first Belt Drive CD Transport, the already famous TL1. Creative mastery of vibration control techniques resulted in this landmark product whose uniquely analog musicality has been hailed as nothing less than a revolution in digital audio. The TL1 is considered to be the finest instrument for the most musically satisfying digital reproduction by music lovers, high end amplifier and loudspeaker manufacturers, and the high end audio press around the world. Now with the CEC TL0X, the breakthroughs of the previous TL1 and TL0 have been refined even further than we imagined possible just a few years ago. In every respect the TL0X embodies a level of perfection that is unprecedented and breathtaking.

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