Pass Laboratories X150.8 Stereo Amplifier.


The Pass Labs X150.8 amplifier is one of our favourite amplifiers for matching with the Harbeth range of loudspeakers.

Seven years in the making, the Point 8 Series demonstrates Pass Laboratories' belief that "the best products must be carefully adjusted until their components operate in harmony — then subjectively fine-tuned".

The output stages of the larger Point 8 amplifiers bias more deeply into the Class A operating region.

Their larger push-pull Class A operating delivers low distortion and additional loudspeaker control at ordinary listening levels.

Higher power MOSFETs, and many more of them, are used to increase the amplifiers' Class A operation while running at fractions of their stated output power specifications.

This aid in both performance and reliability.

Each model in the 8 series has a front end specifics to its output stage so that the nine units' front ends vary in size, voltage, bias current, dissipation, and single-ended versus push-pull bias distribution.

There’s more — including larger power supplies, more storage capacitance, more precise reference voltages, and new, larger heat sinks.

Results - you gain a greater sense of space and depth, with improved bass definition across the whole .8 series range.

Pass Labs X150.8 / Specifications
Power Output /ch (8 ohm) 
Power Output /ch (4 ohm) 
Maximum Output (Amps) 
Leaves Class A @ pk Watts
Damping Factor
Input Impedance (SE & BAL Kohms)
Power Consumption (W) 
Number of Chassis
Weight 47.6 Kg`s.

Pass Labs NZ audio distributor is Parmenter Sound.

Jason Parmenter